you, exactly as you are

The first thing you need to know about me is that I will never have you stand stiffly and force a smile at the camera. One thing I’m a BIG believer in is feeling as good as possible when you're being photographed. I hear over and over again “We’re super awkward in front of the camera and we don’t know what to do!” And trust me- I am HERE for you!! I will be giving you things to do throughout the whole session, there will be prompts, actions, quiet moments, and above all, a TON of laughter! I promise you, I am here to make this as comfy as possible.

I want my sessions to feel like a breath of fresh air- we're going to laugh, dance around, and drink in the views. There will be piggyback rides, soft kisses, and lots of snuggling. I'm here to document the big things and the small things that make you who you guys are. So let's get started!


Weddings have such a soft spot in my heart. They're the days that everyone you love is together. They're the indescribable kind of days that go by faster than you can blink. The kinds of days that are core memories.

Weddings are such a celebration of love and life. Of just being alive and being in love. And I feel so privileged that I get to document that. The images of you guys seeing each other for the first time, on the day that you're pledging your love to one another, the photos of your grandmother with all of her grandkids, and the details that you've worked on for months and months.

I'm here to capture it all. Every detail, every part. And most importantly, I'm here for you. I will be there for you through thick and thin and I cannot wait to celebrate the two of you.


A day just for you.

A day designed to celebrate the two of you and every part of what makes you guys special together. Whether that's hiking to the top of a mountain peak, jumping onto a helicopter to celebrate in a place that leaves you in awe, going back to a place that helped bring the two of you together, or having a simple ceremony in your backyard- elopements are such an incredible way to make your wedding all about you.

A day packed with meaning and intention. A day that feels like you.


For the couples who want to run around in forests barefoot, run into the ocean, snuggle up together in a pile of blankets, and leave their session with the sandiest toes.

Couples sessions with me are like an extended date night. We'll plan out an amazing spot to adventure to and spend the evening (or morning) running around, exploring, playing our favourite music, and laughing until you can't breathe anymore.

A Place for Everyone

I'm proud to make my business a safe space for everybody. I welcome the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities in front of my lens and I'm honoured to tell all stories 🌈❤️

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