Hey friends!

I’m Maiya, and I’m so happy you’re here!

I'm a 20-something-year-old photographer from Vancouver, BC with a passion for love stories. I've been a photographer ever since tenth grade when I picked up my first tiny point and shoot and promptly melted the camera lens trying to take an "artsy" photo of a candle.

But I guess that love of light and fire has followed me my entire career. Ask anyone that knows me, I am constantly chasing the sun. Sunrises, sunsets, and all of the golden goodness are what make my heart sing.

So here's the important stuff about me:

  • When I'm not behind a camera, I'm working towards becoming an elementary school teacher!
  • I have made multiple trips to Tofino JUST to eat a Tacofino burrito on the beach during sunset
  • You will only ever find me with Birkenstocks/Blundstones on my feet
  • I study environmental management and Indigenous studies at SFU
  • If you're ever looking for me in my spare time, I'm either swimming in a lake or re-watching Grey's Anatomy or Gilmore Girls for the 18th time!

I'm a big believer in storytelling because there's one thing I know for certain- at the end of the day, we live on through memories, stories, and photos. So let's make some photos together that feel like you.

“So when you spend time with your photographs, I hope at least some of them remind you: even if you can't go back to how things were, you can still find where Light poured through”