why all this matters

Your family grows and changes so fast. Year after year, kids get taller, the tiny freckles on her nose will fade, and they won't love to snuggle as much as they used to. It's so incredible to photograph this moment in time, exactly as you are.

Come as you are...

I want to capture all of those little moments that we always seem to blink and miss. The little hugs, the giggles, the scrunched-up noses, and the way that your little ones seem to fit perfectly in the crook of your neck.

When you book a family session with me, you’re signing up for bear hugs and group snuggles. For piggyback rides and ring around the rosie. My sessions are full of laughter and movement, and my goal is to capture your family exactly as you are.

So come as you are. I'll be here with my camera, and all you have to do is be you. And we'll make some magic.