The Best Kind of Adventure

The first thing you need to know about me is that I will never have you stand stiffly and force a smile at the camera... I want my sessions to feel like a breath of fresh air- we're going to laugh, dance around, and drink in the views. Basically- let's make it the best date night ever! My sessions are movement-based, there will be piggybacks, soft kisses, and lots of snuggling. I'm here to document you and your love, in its purest form.

I am a lover of all love. I welcome and cherish every single unique couple and their stories.

We'll get along if you're the kind of people that want to kick your shoes off and feel the sand squish between your toes, go on a hike for sunset, or just wander around the city and scout out the best food! Adventure sessions and engagement sessions are just that! Let's grab a beer, or an ice cream and then go out and make some beautiful photos!

Love Letters

Seriously… no words can describe these photos.. we have spent the last several hours just POURING over them and sharing them with our families!!

We can’t express enough how much we appreciate the gorgeousness of these photos and that Maiya spent so much time with us to capture these (not to mention braving a horrible bumpy road and one of the coldest days of the year)! I cannot wait to share our wedding with her!!!

Alli & Kurtis

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