This is About You

Whether you’re having a big wedding surrounded by all of your nearest and dearest, a backyard wedding with not a dry eye, or eloping on a mountaintop surrounded by the peaks and the fog- I’m your girl! 

I will photograph your day with my whole heart wide open, and I will give you everything I've got.

I'll be there for YOU

I will not be everybody's favourite photographer. It's important when you're looking for a photographer to find one that feels like a friend. Because we're there for you through thick and thin. I will be there for you through every single part of your day, from getting your hair done, to sneaking extra desserts with you at the end of the night- you might see me more than your partner on your wedding day!

I thrive in the outdoors, in beautiful, soft, golden lighting. That's where I'm my most creative, and where I feel the most at home. Sneaking couples away at sunset might be one of my favourite things in the world, and for ten minutes it's like you two are the only thing that exists in the world.

Ready to chat about this thing?

Is it an elegant ceremony in a Vancouver venue with your nearest and dearest?

A big party to celebrate your love with all your friends and family?

An intimate backyard wedding filled with love and not a single dry eye?

Whatever you're dreaming up, I would love to come dream it with you! Send me a message and let's chat!