If you're on this page- yay!! Wedding photography is such a huge investment and I LOVE it when couples reach out about seeing full wedding galleries so they know what I'm all about and have a good sense of what a full day with me will look like. HUGE kudos for reaching out about seeing full wedding day galleries!!

A couple of things to note before you start exploring: every wedding day is so so so different and there are so many things that can change how your wedding photos will turn out. Lighting is a HUGE one and the time that your ceremony and portraits are can have a huge difference in the vibe of the photos! I'm ALWAYS here to help create timelines and give feedback on schedules, so reach out and I can help plan out the dreamiest time for photos!

There are elopements in here, weddings from 6 hours to 12 hours, and some wedding weekends where we spend a whole weekend celebrating with the couple and their friends and family! So keep that in mind when you're looking at the coverage and amount of photos :) On that note, on average, an 8-hour wedding day will typically have 800-1200 photos, depending on what you have going on during that day!

Happy exploring!! If you have any questions, I am always just an email away!