you, exactly as you are

The first thing you need to know about me is that I will never have you stand shoulder to shoulder and force a smile at the camera. I want my sessions to feel like a breath of fresh air, we're going to laugh, dance around, and drink in the views. There will be piggybacks, soft kisses, and lots of snuggling. I'm here to document you and your love, in it's purest form.

I am a lover of all love. I welcome and cherish every single unique couple and their stories.


Starting at $1950

I'm here to tell your story,
The beautiful, heartfelt, tender moments, but also the ones where you're screaming with laughter and you can't breathe because you're smiling too hard.

It's about the little moments; like the sweetest hug with your grandma, the little look you send your love during the ceremony, the way they teared up when they saw you, and the way you held hands through your reception.

I'm here to document your day for you, because trust me, it's going to go by SO quickly!

More about weddings!

Adventures & Engagements

“Starting at $300"

"We'll get along if you're the kind of people that want to kick your shoes off and feel the sand squish between your toes, go on a hike for sunset, or just wander around the city and scout out the best food! Adventure sessions and engagement sessions are just that! Let's grab a beer, or an ice cream and then go out and make some beautiful photos”

I'll be there for YOU

I will not be everybody's favourite photographer. It's important when you're looking for a photographer to find one that feels like a friend. Because we're there for you through thick and thin. I will be there for you through every single part of your day, from getting your hair done, to sneaking extra desserts with you at the end of the night- you might see me more than your partner on your wedding day!

Ready to do this??? Send me an email and let's get going on dreaming up your day!