All About the Wild Adventures

I know what it is to love someone fiercely. To love every bit of them and the overwhelming feeling of comfort when you get wrapped up in their arms. That's what I want you to remember when we take photos. I want you to forget I'm there and just enjoy the moment.

I'm here for the laughter, the soft forehead kisses, and all the piggyback rides. Trust me, I'm an excellent third wheel!

We'll get along if you're the kind of people that want to kick your shoes off and feel the sand squish between your toes, go on a hike for sunset, or just wander around the city and scout out the best food! Adventure sessions are just that! Let's grab a beer, or an ice cream and then go out on an epic adventure!

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Let's Dream Up Your Adventure!

Is it a golden night on a beach in Tofino, wearing muddy hiking boots and eating enormous burritos?

A hike with your love, up to a peak filled with endless mountain views?

Whatever you're dreaming up, I would love to come dream it with you! Send me a message and let's chat!